Dear Lisbon

DL® Bordalo House

Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 31,
1200-369 Lisboa
+351 936 666 939
+351 932 200 710

Having a house in the square dedicated to one of the biggest Portuguese artists of the 21st Century is a massive responsibility. At Bordalo House, we took care of every single detail so you feel inspired inside the same way you feel outside. Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Square has proved to be one of the most lively of the city throughout time, above trends and seasons. Now ready to be lived by you, in honour of who has given its name.

Dear Lisbon Houses - Bordalo House

The Suites

With a unique taste and style, from the façade to indoors, Dear Lisbon Bordalo House offers nine luminous suites, each with a different personality.

The Neighbours

At DL Bordalo House, History meets cosmopolitan Lisbon, allowing you to experience the authentic city life.

Dear Lisbon Houses - Bordalo House

The House

At Dear Lisbon Bordalo House we’ve combined harmoniously the past and the present so you can feel welcome from the very first moment you step in the door.