Dear Lisbon

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At DL Bordalo House, History meets cosmopolitan Lisbon, allowing you to experience the authentic city life. At Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro square, you will find the trendiest restaurants and cafés with foods from around the world and, of course, our very own Portuguese treats. This place never grows old, as it keeps re-inventing itself, year after year, generation after generation.

Who is Bordalo Pinheiro? Rafael Bordalo Pineiro (you may see it spelt with double ‘ll’) was one of the most important Portuguese characters from the 19th Century, having left his strong heritage in varied artistic fields: cartoon drawing, caricature and ceramic creation, amongst others. He became most famous for his popular Zé Povinho and natural flora inspired pottery and decoration such as kale plates and his unique and very-own swallows (1896).

From here, and in less than a five-minute walk, you can experience street artists, old-school cafes, architectural landmarks, ancient monuments, locals, travellers. In a nutshell, all the Lisbon crowd mingling in our most iconic neighbourhood. In Chiado, you will find all you need plus what you didn’t know existed.

Unsure of what to do? Swing by the reception at any time and our team will share with you some local secrets and tips. We can reserve you all sorts of restaurants from traditional to Michelin Star, opera and theatre shows or wellbeing experiences, from spas to yoga studios. Simply tell us what you are up to.