Dear Lisbon Houses

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The house you will call home

This is our first house. With 20 rooms, DL Charming House is located in Santa Catarina, one of Lisbon’s most iconic neighbourhoods. Arriving here is a pleasant surprise after going up and down the steep hills. This is the perfect urban oasis you will need after a day exploring the real Lisboa. Let yourself get lost in the pace of fado, the genuine food, our spontaneous culture, vibrant nightlife and unexpected shops. Welcome home.

Live like a XIX century local

Located in the heart of Lisbon, Chiado (we say Chi-ah-du), DL Palace is not just another guesthouse. This noble house, now with 9 suites, was the original home of Viscondes de Loures in the 19th century and it still currently hosts the Grémio Literário – one of Lisbon’s oldest cultural icons. We kept all the elegance adding a modern twist so you can enjoy the perks of an exclusive experience Lisboeta.

Live our Lisbon from outside in

Having a house in the square dedicated to one of the biggest Portuguese artists of the 21st Century is a massive responsibility. At Bordalo House we took care of every single detail so you feel inspired inside the same way you feel outside. With simple grandeur, from the façade to indoors, Dear Lisbon Bordalo House offers 9 luminous suites, each with a different personality. The Main House rooms are on the first floor, with privileged views of Bordalo square, one of the trendiest in Chiado.

The Iconic House

Located in Av. da República, one of the main avenues of Lisbon, DL Valmor has 12 suites and reminds us of Paris Country Houses, with its classic and eclectic style, works of art and antiques. The furniture used serves to balance the time-travel effect and bring us nowadays comfort. This noble mansion was designed in 1906 by architect Ventura Terra to the Viscountess of Valmor and since then has become an iconic house for all Lisboetas. From 1983 to 2006 this house was used as a businessmen’s club.

Dear Lisbon Houses

Dear Lisbon Houses

This is a love letter to our dear Lisbon. It is our contribution to the city that has seen us born and raised, both as individuals and as a family. As a family business, we put passion and truth into every single detail of our houses. Like a father that inspires his son to go further, a mom that always tells the best advice, a grandmother that is always there to cook the most delicious meals. We are passionate about Lisbon and want to share that with you. From the family secrets to the hidden alleys, the famous hills and our anonymous neighbours. We are proud to be the ambassadors of our Dear Lisbon, that Lisboa that not everyone has the chance to see and feel. No trends or fashions will change our philosophy of receiving you the old-fashioned way: open arms and a large smile on the face. Come and be part of our story.


Rua Ivens 35,

1200-226 Lisboa

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Rua Marcos Marreiros nº13
1200-254 Lisboa

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R. de São Bento 31,
1200-815 Lisboa

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Largo Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro 31,
1200-369 Lisboa

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Av. da República 38,
1000-290 Lisboa

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