Dear Lisbon


DL Palace is a former city residence of Viscondes de Loures, a traditional Portuguese noble family. It was built in the 19th century, right at Rua Ivens (named after a famous Portuguese cartographer). It is right next door to Lisbon Fine Arts School (Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, as we say) and a few other landmarks you will have the chance to explore.

Surprisingly, the building also accommodates our incredible Grémio Literário, a literature member’s club that has been running since 1846. It was Queen D. Maria II herself that has decreed this national institution. Amongst the founders, we find two central figures of Portuguese culture: Almeida Garrett and Alexandre Herculano. We Portuguese are very proud of our writers.

After having several headquarters, always in Chiado, Grémio Literário would finally settle in this building in 1875. Revolutionary conversations on about politics and literature can still be heard in the garden if you are lucky. Keep your ear out there.

We’ve rehabilitated our house completely, keeping the aristocratic wooden doors in the suites and the iron balconies. DL Palace brings back the old-times charisma, adding a contemporary twist. We’re focused on style, comfort and service, all together in the same place.