Dear Lisbon

DL®Gallery House

R. de São Bento 31,
1200-815 Lisboa
+351 936 666 939
+351 932 210 150

This is not just another hotel. Here you find the comfiest beds, quirkiest decoration and most delicious breakfast of São Bento Creative District, immersed in a lively culture and art hub. DL Gallery House lives in perfect symbiosis with Galerias de São Bento, a co-work and creative hub where locals meet travelers, digital nomads meet artists and all together meet Lisbon. Expect everything but the usual. Apart from our ‘usual’ comfy lobby with a fireplace, the inspiring library and the chilled terrace.


All our rooms and suites are thouroughtly curated like an art gallery. Each and every detail was taken in consideration from furniture to colours, materials to shapes.

The Neighbours

DL Gallery House is located in Rua de São Bento, a quite peculiar street. Here you will find everything from Portuguese carpenters to French baguettes, typical restaurants to modern groceries and even the Lisbon icon itself, the 28 tram (…)


Is there anything better than starting the day with an equally delicious and nutritious breakfast? We serve pequeno-almoço the Portuguese way with a variety of bread, (…)

the house

GA Creative Hub

Galerias de São Bento (GA) is a co-work and creative hub deliciously placed at the heart of Lisbon. Protected by its interior patio, digital nomads and local entrepreneurs have the chance to meet, mingle and collaborate, whilst they dream about changing the world. At GA you will also find a delicately curated shop, specialised in upcoming designers and Portuguese goods, from organic swimming suits to cool notepads, flashy pants to exclusive jewelry. If you are unsure of what to get, grab a coffee or light meal the cafeteria. YUM.